The SmartNoggin NogginStik (paid link) is such a fun baby toy! Not only is it a rattle, but every bump changes the color on the face of the NogginStik. So it motivates baby to move it around and teaches the baby cause and effect!

We used the NogginStik during my son’s tummy time sessions and a lot in the car! I would not leave on a trip without it. It’s so entertaining and fun, it’s perfect to keep the baby entertained with the sound and light. It’s especially fun during car rides at night!

I also used it a lot in his stroller during walks. The rattle sound became a sleep association for him. It soothed him to sleep on walks. I would strap it to the stroller using the stroller straps and just shake it like a polaroid picture until he would fall asleep!

A big nontoxic bonus is it’s BPA-Free, PVC, Lead & Phthalate Free!

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