I just recently got this felt letters and felt flashcards (paid link)! Because he takes a bite out of all of the paper ones flash cards we have gotten him, hah! He has been asking to play with it almost everyday. I also got him Ocean Felt Board Story Set (paid link)! But he has been so into the felt boards, it’s really fun.

He loves taking them on and off, arranging them & rearranging them. It keeps him busy for about 30 mins at a time. It’s also an activity that we can do together. Which I love!

It isn’t a toy I can recommend without someone supervising the playtime. Because there are circle velcro stickers on the back. Which could possibly be a choking hazard. My son has been playing with them just about everyday for a week and has been trying to peel them off, unsuccessfully. So it’s well made but the risk is still there.

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