It took me a while before I found a breastfeeding pillow that I liked. I tried a couple but there are two that I have loved. This BBHugMe being my favorite and the one I have used the most. The cover is stretchy and you just tie it in the back. Because it’s adjustable with a tie it fits every size & makes it a plus size friendly nursing pillow. You can increase the firmness of the pillow pulling in the white tabs on the ends.

The pillow is not too large or cumbersome and it comes in a travel bag that makes taking it places by throwing it over your shoulder or on your stroller easy! In fact, when I’m out, sometimes I will not even take the pillow out of the travel bag. I would just whip the pillow around and put the travel bag handle over my waist and lay the baby on top of the pillow!

This pillow wins for comfort, travel, size and ease! And for a bonus it’s Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX Class 1 Certified!

They also have a pregnancy pillow, I wish I knew about when I was pregnant!