This Ikea Leka Baby Gym is an awesome tummy time tool for baby! Our son’s Feeding Therapist used it during his sessions and he just loved it. He loved it more than the Lovery one we had at home! I wish we would have bought this from the beginning. And when my son graduated from tummy time we gave it to his younger cousin who loved it too.

It’s made of ABS plastic & plywood. ABS plastic is considered “safe” & nontoxic as long as it’s not introduced to heat. Because of our long history of infertility and my hormone issues we try to be very aware of these types of chemicals and do our best to eliminate them where we can.

It’s also worth noting too that Ikea does not add formaldehyde to their products. Which is great!

With the affordability + the care they take in what they put in their products, I feel like Ikea is the most underrated place for baby & kids toys & furniture!