I didn’t get to use this non-pvc exercise ball during birth, I wish I did! I ended up just using the hospital ball. But I wish I had brought this one! I did however end up getting this after my son was born because we used an exercise ball during his tummy time. My son had a 6 oral ties and we needed to do Feeding Therapy after his frenectomy. You can read about our journey here. The Feeding Therapist wanted us to incorporate the exercise ball into his tummy time routine as he had a few exercises that needed the ball. Because he was going to be using it a lot I wanted to find something nontoxic for him to use.

Most exercise balls contains PVC (and yoga mats). PVC contains phthalates, which are endocrine disruptors (EDs). Because of our long history of infertility and my hormone issues we try to be very aware of these types of chemicals and do our best to eliminate them where we can.

I found this non-pvc exercise ball (paid link) and love it! Make sure that this ball fits your height & weight because they do have a larger ball (paid link) too. It feels sturdy and is non slip. It was the perfect size that we could both do tummy time with my son on it & bounce him to sleep on it too!

I saw another exercise ball that is less expensive & say they use nontoxic/phthalate-free material. I have not personally tried this exercise ball, so I am not sure what the quality is & if it’s non-slip. But if you’re looking for something with great materials & is a better price I would check it out: Natural Fitness Pro Burst Resistant Exercise Ball.

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