When our son started eating solids & we were comfortable enough to eat out with him, we realizes how messy it could get! We didn’t want to go out and leave a huge mess. So husband wanted to find a portable vacuum that would make picking it up easy. So he found this BLACK+DECKER dustbuster (paid link). It is small enough we can just throw it under our stroller. It has worked great at picking up all kinds of messes! From the yogurt melts, to the puffs and even macaroni and cheese! That one impressed me.

At first I was so embarrassed when my husband would pull out an actual vacuum to clean up our messes. But then I had to use it and now I think it’s great, hah! A father of four kids stopped us and told my husband that he saw the little vacuum in our stroller and it was GENIUS. I have to admit, it’s a pretty good tool to carry around!

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