I wanted to make a toddler friendly popsicle for my son during the summer so I picked up these fun Toddler Popsicle Molds (paid link)! These popsicle molds are small enough that he can hold it himself and finish the whole thing in a setting. I saw a lot of popsicle molds that would be too large! Although he just started being able to hold the popsicle himself around 13 months old.

I just mixed a Once Upon a Farm smoothie packet with greek yogurt and froze them for a day. I like to let them sit out for a bit before giving it to him because they can be kind of icy. But he loves them! It’s the perfect summer treat.

If you’re looking for a popsicle mold that is much easier for a baby under 12 months, check these out these Baby Popsicle Molds (paid link)!

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